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Clone Virtual Machine with Virtual Machine Manager

Today I had to Clone a virtual machine in my production environment and I would like to explain how it works. This is a simple procedure with few steps and the whole procedure will be explained as always with many pictures. Before the cloning of virtual machine image you have to prepare the System for Cloning.

As you probably know by now, Microsoft-based operating systems use SIDs (Security IDs) that are generated as part of the initial setup of Windows. If you have more than one computer with the same SID, this could cause problems, and cloning a computer (either physical or virtual) without re-generating this SID can cause SID duplication.

How to prepare the system for cloning I will write in another post.

Step 1.

You must first shutdown virtual machine which you want to Clone. When your VM is turned off, right click on VM and choose Clone.


At the second step choose new name for your new virtual machine.


On the Configure Hardware field if you need the same hardware configuration like previous VM leave hardware configuration by default or edit what you need.


At the next step you need to choose where you want to deploy the virtual machine. I chose “Place the virtual machine on a host”


At the next screen I chose host on which was located the previous virtual machine.


Select virtual machine path…


Specify virtual network…


At the end review the virtual machine settings. If you want to start cloned virtual machine immediately check mark “Start the virtual machine after deploying it on the host”  and click Create.


The process started.


When the process is finished we have two of the same virtual machines whit the same settings.


Before you turn on both virtual machines you need to rename the new one. How to do that, especially if your vm’s are in the domain,  I‘ll describe this in my next post.

Until then have a nice week!

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