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MVP Global Summit 2013 – Part 2, It was better, it was great!

The second MVP Global Summit in one year! Awesome :)


In 2013. Microsoft has organized two MVP Global Summit. The first was in February and the second in November. MVP Global Summit is the most important Microsoft conference for MVPs. At summit we have opportunity to hear what will be new in Microsoft products etc. but we are under NDA and can’t you tell anything ;). But most important is networking and friendship with other MVPs.

In my personally this summit was better then in February, much, much better :). We have had many opportunities to meet other MVPs and great people from Microsoft. I had the honor to meet whole Hyper-V team!

Microsoft Hyper-V Team


Also, I had the honor to hang out with our MVP Lead Yulia Belyanina. Yulia, you are great, thumbs up. Thank you for all! ;)


I would like to tell you more and more, but as I mentioned above, can’t! You will be hear when the time comes.

Until then, follow me ;)



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