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Windows 10 Insider Preview–Build 10565 and Hyper-V virtual network adapters

Hi to all,

Few days ago I decided to update OS on my laptop to Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview Evaluation copy, Build 10565 from the previous version. To be clear, I have installed Hyper-V role, few of virtual machines and two of external virtual adapters as can you see on the picture below.


After installation finished and laptop restarted, virtual network adapters was broken and unusable.

Cannot use virtual network adapters anymore, cannot delete virtual network adapters and cannot do anything with virtual network adapter, but still… Winking smile

How to resolve:
Uninstall Hyper-V role, install again, create new virtual switches and go ahead.

Friend of mine Tomica asked me; Romeo, why you didn’t uninstall Hyper-V role before update? Smile
So, uninstall Hyper-V role before of Build 10565 installation and you will not have any problem.



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