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Microsoft Conferences in April 2013 – MS Network 3.0 and WinDays13

This month was full of Microsoft conferences in our region. I was speaker on MS Network 3.0 conference (Banja Vrućica, Bosnia and Herzegovina) with one session as well as on WinDays 2013 (Umag, Croatia) with IT Pro keynote, Workshop and one session.

The first conference was MS Network 3.0 in Banja Vrućica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 03.- 04. April. My session was called very simple; Hyper-V 3.0 and I talked about few new feature in Hyper-V 3.0. I was between first then the best speakers in conference and I’m very proud on that.
As usual, Bosnians are very hospitable and very kind hosts. Thank you guys and girls for the great time :)

Few pictures from the MS Network 3.0 conference.


The second conference in April (22.-26.) was WinDays13, the biggest IT conference in our region. This year WinDays changed their location and conference held in Umag (Croatia). I was very busy on the conference, but also I had a time to see and drink coffee with my old IT friends (and meet a few new).
On Monday I held small part on IT Pro Keynote session, on Tuesday friend of mine, Tomica Kaniški and I had a Workshop called “New Private Cloud” and on Wednesday I had a session called “Hyper-V 3.0”.

I’d like thank to WinDays13 team and I’m grateful everyone who came to my sessions and supported me.

Few pictures from WinDays13 conference

IT Pro keynote


Workshop “New Private Cloud”

and my main session

I hope to see you next year at the same conferences ;). Until than let’s get back to work and the preparation of new lectures.

Weekend is front of us, enjoy!


MVP Global Summit 2013 – It was nice, it was good!

As my friend Adis Jugo says, “It was nice, it was good!”


First of all what I must mention! All what we heard at the MVP Summit sessions is strictly confidential and under NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and I can’t tell anything about what will be new in Microsoft world. What happened at MVP Summit, stays at summit ;)
So, this blog post will be just short review about my impressions from summit!

MVP Global Summit is the biggest conference for MVPs organized by Microsoft, almost 1500 MVP from over the world in one place, Bellevue and Redmond, Washington state.
From our region, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia were almost 20 MVPs.

MVP crowd from CEE & Italy
18-02 (16) 18-02 (17)

Rookie MVPs (Ivan Kardum, Spaso Lazarevic and I) at First MVP meeting in Rock Bottom
17-02 (20)

Most of us arrived two days before Summit and we had little time to visit Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond and of course we had reserved time for shopping :). Ogy, thanks for a great ride through the streets of America :)

At Monday, 18th my Product Group (Virtual Machine) had sessions in Microsoft Campus (Redmond) and finally I met few great MVPs from Virtual Machine product group (Lenardo Carvalho, Dariusz Porowski, Carsten Rachfahl, Alessandro Cardoso, Thomas Maurer…) and few great people from Microsoft, Ben Armstrong aka VirtualPCGuy (our PG lead), Jose Barreto

From Monday until Thursday we had all day sessions and were really busy.

Picture for history, VirtualPC Guy (Ben Armstrong, Hyper-V guru) and I in Hyatt Regency hotel

Also, you can see great video interview with Ben Armstrong recorded by MVP Virtual Machine fellow Carsten Rachfahl.

Each day after sessions we had a party or something similar (networking with other MVPs or Microsoft employees). Wednesday evening was reserved for the big attendee party in the CenturyLink Field stadium Seattle.
20-02 (12) 

For me personally, the best party was in Wild Ginger organized by Alessandro Teglia (CEE & Italy MVP lead).

At the end, it was great, it was amazing. One great experience! I hope that I’ll go again next year!

2013 MVP Global Summit is behind us, let’s go to work.



Microsoft Conferences in April 2012 – MS Network 2.0 and WinDays 2012

This month was very exciting. I participated in two Microsoft conferences as a speaker with three lectures.

The first conference was MS Network 2.0 in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 4. – 5. April. On the MS Network 2.0 I talked about what is new in System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager. The session was well attended, and grades at the end have been satisfying. Thank you all who attended my session.
Also, I would like to thank MS Network 2.0 team and very kind hosts for their hospitality Smile. It was great experience!

Few pictures from the MS Network 2.0 conference.


The second conference was WinDays 12 I Rovinj (Croatia) 23. – 27. April.

I had two sessions. My colleague Ivan Kardum and I had common lecture about Team Foundation Server and System Center 2012 Operations Manager. We talked about how to unite developers and administrators Smile… Trust me, it’s possible Winking smile.

On the second session, entitled “Administrators, remove the mask” I talked about bad admins and how an administrator can destroy the entire company. It was a great lecture, I started  with a mask on the face Smile.

I would like to thank WinDays 12 team and especially I’m grateful everyone who came to my sessions and supported me.

Few pictures from the WinDays 12 conference.


Hope to see you next year at the same conferences Winking smile.